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LTT 24-29.09.2018 Short-term joint staff training event in Italy Read more

We want to share the main events about ELS Project with other people. So we presented this experience to local media. These are two articles about the mobility in Italy and an interview to the Headmaster .



LTT event for Teachers and Transnational Project Meeting in Naples, 24-29.09.2018.

In the last week of September, 16 teachers from Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, as well as teachers from hosting school in Italy, took part in a 3rd Learning/Teaching/Training Event and 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of the Erasmus+ Project “Essential Life Skills” in Afragola, Italy.

On Tuesday, 25th September, all participants of LTT and TPM gathered in the hosting school, Istituto Tecnico Statale “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa”, at the opening ceremony. They were welcomed by the head teacher of the school, Mr V. Montesano, and the mayor of Afragola, Mr. Claudio Grizzo, as well as the representatives of local school oversight. Italian students and teachers presented project countries in video presentations and shared their memories of previous TPM and LTT events. After the ceremony, coordinating team sat down for a meeting to discuss project’s progress and achievements so far, while the teachers at LTT participated in a lecture and workshop on how to help students’ self-development (particularly in job-searching area, preparing for a job interview, writing a CV, etc.). In the afternoon all the teachers to ok part in a guided tour of Naples.

On Wednesday, 26.09, all the participants of both LTT and TPM went on a tour of the local area – two coastal towns of Amalfi and Positano.

Thursday, 27.09, started with coordinating meeting for participants of LTT to review the state of the project and discuss any necessary, and a series of lectures and workshops on the topics of healthy nutrition and home economics, to help teachers prepare for their lessons and make them more engaging through the use of modern technologies (like mobile apps). In the afternoon the teachers visited the ancient ruins of Pompeii.

The last day of our meeting was devoted to another coordinators’ meeting, after which we visited the impressive monument of Italian history and architecture, the Royal Palace Caserta.

Recently Italian Erasmus students presented and shared their formative experience in Greece to their mates, talking about an overall significance of the meeting but, above all, the importance of a balanced, healthy diet. This latter, as we know, is one of the main topics of the ELS Erasmus project.
In a second moment, during some lessons of Biology, students were involved in this topic by discussing their food intake, the importance of a healthy food hygiene, the food groups, the Mediterranean diet.
By using the ESA model (Engage, Study, Activate), the students’ interest was captured in order to engage their emotions through a game, the use of pictures, PPT, a video sequence, an amusing anecdote, etc; then, they focused on information (study); in the end, they used their full knowledge in the selected situation or task (activate).
For example, as a task, they had to imagine to be an important chef so as to prepare an healthy menu including Mediterranean recipes, working in pair or in group (cooperative learning).
In the pictures below, some moments of these different phases.
Iris Gelso