A group of students who are involved in the project on the 12 of June visited the center of illusions in Palanga where they had a lecture and practical activities about healthy lifestyle and ecology in our closest environment.

They had the opportunity to check how human can change the environment and what consequences could be.

Students from Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnazsum (Lithuania) had one of the project activities which was about the choosing profession in the future. We visited the center of professional education where we learned a lot of useful things about safe behavior on the roads, good manners in society. Some of the students had the opportunity to become a guide for their classmates.

Students from Silale Darius and Girenas school had an interesting meeting with the alpinist Vilma Tubutyte. She is also the president of alpinist association “Montis Magia“.

Students had the possibility to try on the backpack of the alpinists, all professional equipment was shown to them. Students had an interesting discussion about their future profession and the career. 

The ELS Pro scholaris discussions are held with local entrepreneurs, politicians and writers where students can develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, including know-how, motivation, creativity, innovation and courage, as well as the ability to plan and perform tasks in order to achieve established papers. On February 13, 2018, our students and teachers together with the directors of other ZSK schools could participate in a discussion with Mr. Branislav Gröhling, who presented his suggestions for changes in education at Slovak schools. On May 7th, our visit was honored by Ing. Peter Hajduček – founder of footshop. We spent a pleasant afternoon together as we approached our business and introduced the marketing strategies that make his company among the top leaders in selling sneakers. Footshop is not just a shoe store, but is also involved in various projects designed for young people. As the Private SOŠ Pro scholaris is still planning its short-term student exchange in Slovakia, it is obvious that the number of extra-curricular organizations participating in the ELS project will increase. We plan to cooperate with several banks and financial managers, as well as financial advisers, who will provide a professional page of the project and also help with the next ELS day.


On Tuesday 5, 2018 there was held a meeting of the students of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS with the president of Žilina self-governing region, Ing. Erika Jurinová.

At the beginning of the meeting, one of the teachers introduced the school, its study programmes, after-school activities and also the European projects Erasmus+ in which this school has been participating successfully for several years.

Later on, Ing. Erika Jurinová was talking about her political career in Slovakia and about her function in the regional policy. She explained the  main goals of the development of Žilina self-governing region in the following years.

The president talked about basic life skills which are necessary for carrying out her function. Also, she reminded the students of the importance of education in many fields.

At the end of the meeting she was trying to answer the students´ questions.

We would like to thank Ing. Erika Jurinová for visiting our school and having a very interesting discussion with us. We wish her to achieve all her goals while helping to fulfill the needs of the people in the region of Žilina.

For the students’ recruitment to the Erasums project our school has adopted  the following guidelines.

A bid has been published on the school website asking for students to have the undermentioned requirements:

  • Good English Language Level and school marks (EU. Certificates have been a priority for the selection criteria)
  • Overall positive marks in the school curriculum
  • Good IT Skills
  • Family income

Once the students have formalized the application to the project an extra oral interview has been carried out to test the students’ fluency.

A panel of English teachers of our school has been cooperating in the students’ recruitment.

Once the students have been selected a merit ranking list has been issued.

Merit ranking list Lithuania

BID Lithuania

BID Greece

Merit ranking list Greece

The week we spent in Lithuania wa truly unforgettable. Just have a look at those photos 🙂



We want other people to learn about ELS project that’s why we cooperate with our local media! This is the article and pictures that were published after mobility in Lithuania  😉