Erasmus+ team organized the Sports day at school on 6th of the June. All classes had to choose one type of the sport and make a competition. Most interesting activities were kayaking and basketball.

The event was held to promote healthy lifestyle and good manners.


Students from Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnazsum (Lithuania) had one of the project activities which was about the choosing profession in the future. We visited the center of professional education where we learned a lot of useful things about safe behavior on the roads, good manners in society. Some of the students had the opportunity to become a guide for their classmates.

We are glad to introduce a slideshow which shows how incredible was the week we spent together during 3rd Transnational Project Meeting and 5th Learning/Teaching/Training event in Nidzica, Poland. We worked, we learnt, we practised and we visited historical sights together 🙂

Sadly, those were the last meetings of ELS project. Participants spent wonderful, hard-working days in Nidzica, Poland. Here are the reports of those events.

Report LTT Nidzica

Els Report TPM

The final Learning/Teaching/Training event of our project “Essential Life Skills” has started!
The first day of our mobility, Monday 8th April, started with two workshops for teachers participating in the event. First, they met with a psychologist Ms Martyna Kotyśko, PhD., to take part in a workshop on how to how to identify the symptoms of stress and anger, and how to deal with stress and negative emotions in a constructive way.
Next, teachers participated in a mindfulness and relaxation workshop in a wellness studio “Harmonium”, where they had a chance to meditate and practice different stress-relieving and focus-improving techniques.
In the afternoon all the meeting participants took part in a questing game, whose aim was to familiarize them with the town of Nidzica and its landmarks. Afterwards everyone watched a film about fighting prejudices and promoting tolerance towards others.
All in all, a busy but exciting first day!

The second day of our mobility, Tuesday 9th April, was devoted entirely to the development of project participants. They took part in 3 workshops/seminars: The first, ‘“Me, myself and I” – a few steps to make us feel better with ourselves’, led by our guest lecturer Ms Martyna Kotyśko, PhD, a psychologist, regarded dealing with stress in an effective and constructive way, coupled with practical exercises on the subject. The second workshop was led by the former graduate of ZSO in Nidzica (and Erasmus project participant) Mr Mateusz Feliński, a musical actor and translator. It was about self-esteem and self-confidence, practiced through numerous individual and group exercises intended to reject negative thinking and perception of life as series of endless failures. The third presentation of the day was led by a teacher at ZSO, Ms Agata Dutkowska, and concerned good manners and polite behaviour – what they are, how they differ from the past and whether we follow them in our lives. The participants tested themselves in an interactive Kahoot quiz regarding their knowledge of proper and polite behaviour.

The third day of our mobility, Wednesday 10th April, started with a guided tour of Olsztyn and its landmarks: Old Town with its Castle, monuments of Nicolaus Copernicus and the cathedral. We also visited the central park of Olsztyn and Museum of Modernity. After that, project participants took part in a workshop on mindfulness and self-development in the “Harmonium” wellness center, to practice their internal strength and focus. The day ended with a team-building activity – a visit to a trampoline park, where everyone had plenty of fun!

On Thursday, 11th April, we visited the capital of Poland – Warsaw. We went on a guided tour of the Old Town, with its landmarks: the Royal Castle, Old Market, Statue of Mermaid and the Column of Zygmunt III. Then we walked the Royal Route, including stops at the Presidential Palace and Tomb of Unknown Soldier. We ended our tour at the Park of the Royal Baths, visiting the Palace on the Isle.

Friday, 12th April, was the last day of our LTT event. We started it at Pottery Village (Kamionka), a place preserving and showing the traditional crafts of the region. Both students and teachers took part in various workshops: making clay pots or candles, as well as decorating traditional Easter tarts.
After the workshops we conducted the final ceremony – handing out the certificates to all the participants. We thank them all for coming to Nidzica and enjoying the final mobility of our “Essential Life Skills” project with us.