ELS days in Silale Darius and Girenas progymnazium

On April 19, Aušrinė Pudževytė, who is known as the pseudonym of Aube, was in attendance at Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnasium. She is an interior designer, painter, photographer, and traveler. Aušrinė agreed to share her valuable practice of life with young people: she spoke about dreams and how they come to life, about science and studies which help them to grow, telling a lot of secrets about goals and sharing tips on how to plan properly and strive for them. She demonstrated her colorful works of art which were created while traveling around the world and revealed some interesting stories that had become significant in her life. The meeting was held in the field of Erasmus programme ” Essential Life Skills”. Students also could meet with policemen, firemen who told about their profession. Girls had the possibility to work in the beauty salon and learn how to do make-up, manicure, how to cut hair etc. Students also made a research about these professions and made presentations about this kind of work.

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