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Daily living skills

Healthy diet, basics of cooking, food preparation, safety and hygiene, managing their own finances, establishing and maintaining a personal budget.

Personal and social skills

Self-management (self-confidence, problem-solving, creativity, team-building), good manners (kindness and respect, proper social behaviour).

Occupational skills

Basic knowledge concerning successful job searching, such as writing a CV or a covering letter…

Sadly, those were the last meetings of ELS project. Participants spent wonderful, hard-working days in Nidzica, Poland. Here are the reports of those events. Report LTT Nidzica Els Report TPM

Erasmus+ project ELS was created to help teachers and students to teach and learn certain life skills.  Greek teachers taking part in the project came up with lesson plans connected […]

The final Learning/Teaching/Training event of our project “Essential Life Skills” has started! The first day of our mobility, Monday 8th April, started with two workshops for teachers participating in the […]

Students from Silale Darius and Girenas school had an interesting meeting with the alpinist Vilma Tubutyte. She is also the president of alpinist association “Montis Magia“. Students had the possibility to […]

Lesson plans on following subjects: Healthy Habits; Mediterranean Diet and its advantages; Career Guidance; Home Economics; Manage Your Budget; Job Interview. All the lesson plans are in two languages: Italian […]

In March “Helthy Eating Week” took place in ZSO, Nidzica. ELS participants, together with other students and teachers, organised the event to promote healthy nutrition. With our delicious and healthy […]

Subject: Self-management and good manners. AgendaElsNidzicaApril

SUMMARY REPORT of short-term exchange of groups of pupils taht took place in Žilina (Slovakia) from 8th to 12th January 2019 CONTENT OF THE REPORT: 1 OBJECTIVES and PARTICIPANTS of the meeting 2 […]

January 17th, 2019 a national conference “Erasmus+ projects: dissemination of positive experiences” was held in Tauragė. Our school team presented to the participants of the conference the aims of “Essental […]

  Lesson plans in English: Lesson plan about professions (LT) Lesson-plan-about-healthy-diet (LT) Lesson-plan-about-home-economics (LT) Lesson-plan-about-business-advertising (LT) Lesson plans in Lithuanian: Lesson plan about business advertising in Lithuanian Lesson plan healthy […]

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