Pro scholaris had its ELS Day in Žilina

On Monday 28th of May 2018 there was held a ELS day of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS in cultural centre Stanica Záriečie. During this unforgettable day students from the school´s ELS team had a chance to present ELS project not only to the rest of their schoolmates but also to the the public and primary schools in Žilina.

The school project manager explained what the project is and the students Sabína Zajačková, and Nikola Katrenčínová presented their annual project. Sabina´s work was focused on Healthy nutrition and questionnaire realized among Pro scholaris students. The project analysed their eating habits.

The teacher Ms. Kostka Mikulová, who is a specialist in healthy nutrition and workout, also explained the topic to the students. Nikola visited Employment office in Slovakia and she explained all the of job searching and with all the activities of the office (the retraining courses, the graduate’s experience…).

We also played a group competition. It consisted of four disciplines. First at all the students made a kahoot quiz about healthy eating habits. They guessed calories in different kind of food and they had to prepare and defend their own eating plan. The project ELS is also about the mobile apps, so the students used them for counting steps during the last discipline. The participants could win interesting prizes and took beautiful memories.