We like to share the news about our projects with large audiences so…. The regional press media MY published the article about the end of the Erasmus+ projects at Pro scholaris.

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Students from Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnazsum (Lithuania) had one of the project activities which was about the choosing profession in the future. We visited the center of professional education where we learned a lot of useful things about safe behavior on the roads, good manners in society. Some of the students had the opportunity to become a guide for their classmates.

We support healthy lifestyles!  On Sunday, May 27th, in the morning more than 20 of our students accepted the challenge and participated in the marathon (5km distance). Among the 6,600 other We Run Vilnius runners, the Silale Darius and Girenas ELS team stood out in yellow t-shirts, with shining energy and a great mood.

In March “Helthy Eating Week” took place in ZSO, Nidzica. ELS participants, together with other students and teachers, organised the event to promote healthy nutrition. With our delicious and healthy snacks we tried to inspire, motivate and encourage school community to right eating habits. During the first day we served colorful fruit coctails, next day was devoted to nutricious vegetable and ham salads. The last day was full of rich in vitamins fruit salads and snacks. As they say: You cannot truly say you live well unless you eat well 

We want to share the main events about ELS Project with other people. So we presented this experience to local media. These are two articles about the mobility in Italy and an interview to the Headmaster .



Slovak regional press media wrote about the ELS meeting in Lithuania for students.



The ELS Pro scholaris discussions are held with local entrepreneurs, politicians and writers where students can develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, including know-how, motivation, creativity, innovation and courage, as well as the ability to plan and perform tasks in order to achieve established papers. On February 13, 2018, our students and teachers together with the directors of other ZSK schools could participate in a discussion with Mr. Branislav Gröhling, who presented his suggestions for changes in education at Slovak schools. On May 7th, our visit was honored by Ing. Peter Hajduček – founder of footshop. We spent a pleasant afternoon together as we approached our business and introduced the marketing strategies that make his company among the top leaders in selling sneakers. Footshop is not just a shoe store, but is also involved in various projects designed for young people. As the Private SOŠ Pro scholaris is still planning its short-term student exchange in Slovakia, it is obvious that the number of extra-curricular organizations participating in the ELS project will increase. We plan to cooperate with several banks and financial managers, as well as financial advisers, who will provide a professional page of the project and also help with the next ELS day.


In May our town once again hosted annual event which is Job and Education Fair. Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących was there to present our ongoing Erasmus+ projects :ELS and FITS. Participants of both projects were explaining what the projects are about, they showed some films, presentations, photos, handed out project leaflets. FITS students were coaching floor hockey, ELS students were informing people about e.g. rules of healthy nutrition. Hundreds of invited guests and incomers became familiar with our projects :).



On Monday 28th of May 2018 there was held a ELS day of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS in cultural centre Stanica Záriečie. During this unforgettable day students from the school´s ELS team had a chance to present ELS project not only to the rest of their schoolmates but also to the the public and primary schools in Žilina.

The school project manager explained what the project is and the students Sabína Zajačková, and Nikola Katrenčínová presented their annual project. Sabina´s work was focused on Healthy nutrition and questionnaire realized among Pro scholaris students. The project analysed their eating habits.

The teacher Ms. Kostka Mikulová, who is a specialist in healthy nutrition and workout, also explained the topic to the students. Nikola visited Employment office in Slovakia and she explained all the of job searching and with all the activities of the office (the retraining courses, the graduate’s experience…).

We also played a group competition. It consisted of four disciplines. First at all the students made a kahoot quiz about healthy eating habits. They guessed calories in different kind of food and they had to prepare and defend their own eating plan. The project ELS is also about the mobile apps, so the students used them for counting steps during the last discipline. The participants could win interesting prizes and took beautiful memories.

On Tuesday 5, 2018 there was held a meeting of the students of Private Vocational School PRO SCHOLARIS with the president of Žilina self-governing region, Ing. Erika Jurinová.

At the beginning of the meeting, one of the teachers introduced the school, its study programmes, after-school activities and also the European projects Erasmus+ in which this school has been participating successfully for several years.

Later on, Ing. Erika Jurinová was talking about her political career in Slovakia and about her function in the regional policy. She explained the  main goals of the development of Žilina self-governing region in the following years.

The president talked about basic life skills which are necessary for carrying out her function. Also, she reminded the students of the importance of education in many fields.

At the end of the meeting she was trying to answer the students´ questions.

We would like to thank Ing. Erika Jurinová for visiting our school and having a very interesting discussion with us. We wish her to achieve all her goals while helping to fulfill the needs of the people in the region of Žilina.