LTT event in Volos is over 🙁 We all spent wonderful 6 days there, we learnt a lot. Here is a short report where you can find e.g. objectives of the meeting, name of the participants, program of the mobility or description of the events that took place there (workshops, lectures, students’ tasks etc.)


ELS in Volos meeting report (1)

LTT event in Volos in the eyes of the camera!! 😉

Students will discover the benefits of healthy eating through presentations, worksheets, interactive tutorials on nutrition and its importance in their daily lives. There will be educational visits to local institutions specializing in the “Science Of Food”, thus demonstrating the basics of nutrition, food preparation, ingredients and food handling. Specialists on nutrition issues will give lectures, clarify notions and answer questions on healthy dietary habits, obesity and active lifestyle on “Ask A Nutritionist Day”. Students will have the opportunity to create their “Eatwell Plate” (both theoretical and practical), based on the knowledge they will have gained throughout their experience during the exchange visit in Greece. In terms of a more active lifestyle, students will get closer to nature, discovering the benefits of rejecting a “couch potato” way of living, in favour of increasing their physical activity.


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