Teachers-only event i); Ensuring the completion of all the project activities and outcomes; Confirming the timeliness and quality of the project outputs; Writing the final report;

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Students and teachers will take part in lectures and workshops on the following subjects: Good manners, polite behaviour, managing stress and fears. Students will practice polite behaviour and good manners for different life situations, meeting new people, communicating with schoolmates, teachers and parents. They will learn their own value, strengths and weaknesses Students will participate in workshops on stress management and mindfulness (practising different ways to deal with stress, reduce it, avoid it), promote positive thinking by preparing their own presentations about “Good things in our lives”. Students and teachers will explore the effect of nature on body and mind as well as sports and relaxation activities to support mental and physical well-being and the beneficial effect the nature brings to a person’s life (and good manners regarding nature – recycling, saving energy etc.).


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