From 8th to 12th of January 2019 Súkromná SOŠ Pro scholaris (Private Vocational School Pro Scholaris)hosted the learning/ training /teaching activity of Erasmus + project called Essential Life Skills. This is a short video about all the activities held in Slovakia.

LTT 24-29.09.2018 Short-term joint staff training event in Italy Read more


Italian Recipe


In this video you can learn how to make delicous and healthy Italian dish that students form Afragala came up with during LTT event in Greece 🙂

During LTT  event og Greece students got to know the basics and rules of healthy nutrition. Then the came up with their own healthy dishes 🙂 They worekd hard in international teams. They had to create a recipe of their liking, provided it is healthy and nutritious. Additionally, with the help of technology they had to record the cooking procedure and provide evidence of the nutritional value of what they have cooked.

We you will get inspierd! 😀





Cereal bars

Canelloni with spinach

Semolina chalva with orange

Green salad with chicken

Low calorie cake

Baked fish with veggies Plaki