Eating habits of teenagers ….healthy or not?


This is the first chapter of Essential Life Skills Guidebook which can help you understand importance of healthy nutrition, especially in lives of young people.

During puberty, the dietary requirements of adolescents are particularly high, because on the one hand there is an acceleration of growth and on the other hand an increase in their physical activity. Also, at this time the teen wants to move away from their family and shape a new,individual, independent personality. At the same time, the adolescent’s need to be admitted by his/her peers leads to whims in both dressing and eating habits. So teenagers miss out on meals, eat snacks, prefer fast-food restaurants, and begin to consume alcohol or smoke at younger ages. It is a commonly accepted fact that the harmful eating habits of adolescents, as well as the pressure they receive from the social and especially the family environment, render them vulnerable to eating and mental disorders such as obesity, depression, bulimia etc. Family information as well as school education can help significantly in the prevention of eating disorders, as well as the adoption of proper nutrition habits during childhood and adolescence.


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