ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS | Erasmus+ project


Daily living skills

Healthy diet, basics of cooking, food preparation, safety and hygiene, managing their own finances, establishing and maintaining a personal budget.

Personal and social skills

Self-management (self-confidence, problem-solving, creativity, team-building), good manners (kindness and respect, proper social behaviour).

Occupational skills

Basic knowledge concerning successful job searching, such as writing a CV or a covering letter…

A group of students who are involved in the project on the 12 of June visited the center of illusions in Palanga where they had a lecture and practical activities […]

This is the main product of Erasmus+ project, Essential Life Skills. It consists of four chapters: Healthy Nutrition, Career Guidance, Home economics and Self-development. The guidebook was created by the […]

We like to share the news about our projects with large audiences so…. The regional press media MY published the article about the end of the Erasmus+ projects at Pro […]

Erasmus+ team organized the Sports day at school on 6th of the June. All classes had to choose one type of the sport and make a competition. Most interesting activities […]

Students from Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnazsum (Lithuania) had one of the project activities which was about the choosing profession in the future. We visited the center of professional education […]

From 8th to 12th of January 2019 Súkromná SOŠ Pro scholaris (Private Vocational School Pro Scholaris)hosted the learning/ training /teaching activity of Erasmus + project called Essential Life Skills. This […]

We are glad to introduce a slideshow which shows how incredible was the week we spent together during 3rd Transnational Project Meeting and 5th Learning/Teaching/Training event in Nidzica, Poland. We worked, […]

ELS Day at ZSO, Nidzica!!! During the event students from Polish ELS team had a chance to present Erasmus+ program and ELS project not only to the rest of our […]

We support healthy lifestyles!  On Sunday, May 27th, in the morning more than 20 of our students accepted the challenge and participated in the marathon (5km distance). Among the 6,600 […]

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