ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS | Erasmus+ project


Daily living skills

Healthy diet, basics of cooking, food preparation, safety and hygiene, managing their own finances, establishing and maintaining a personal budget.

Personal and social skills

Self-management (self-confidence, problem-solving, creativity, team-building), good manners (kindness and respect, proper social behaviour).

Occupational skills

Basic knowledge concerning successful job searching, such as writing a CV or a covering letter…

Lecture about healthy lifestyle and ecology

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A group of students who are involved in the project on the 12 of June visited the center of illusions in Palanga where they had a lecture and practical activities about healthy lifestyle and ecology in our closest environment. They had the opportunity to check how human can change the environment and what consequences could […]

Essential Life Skills Guidebook – help for students, teachers and parents.

This is the main product of Erasmus+ project, Essential Life Skills. It consists of four chapters: Healthy Nutrition, Career Guidance, Home economics and Self-development. The guidebook was created by the participants of Els project and based on what they have learnt thanks to the project. Its main objective is to provide others with knowledge and […]

Slovak press media wrote about the ELS

We like to share the news about our projects with large audiences so…. The regional press media MY published the article about the end of the Erasmus+ projects at Pro scholaris. marketing (3)

Sports day at school

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Erasmus+ team organized the Sports day at school on 6th of the June. All classes had to choose one type of the sport and make a competition. Most interesting activities were kayaking and basketball. The event was held to promote healthy lifestyle and good manners.

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Students from Šilalė Darius and Girėnas progymnazsum (Lithuania) had one of the project activities which was about the choosing profession in the future. We visited the center of professional education where we learned a lot of useful things about safe behavior on the roads, good manners in society. Some of the students had the opportunity […]

Video of Slovak LTT

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From 8th to 12th of January 2019 Súkromná SOŠ Pro scholaris (Private Vocational School Pro Scholaris)hosted the learning/ training /teaching activity of Erasmus + project called Essential Life Skills. This is a short video about all the activities held in Slovakia.

3rd Transnational Project Meeting and 5th Learning/Teaching/Training event – our video.

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We are glad to introduce a slideshow which shows how incredible was the week we spent together during 3rd Transnational Project Meeting and 5th Learning/Teaching/Training event in Nidzica, Poland. We worked, we learnt, we practised and we visited historical sights together 🙂

2nd ELS Day at ZSO, Nidzica!!!

ELS Day at ZSO, Nidzica!!! During the event students from Polish ELS team had a chance to present Erasmus+ program and ELS project not only to the rest of our school community but also to the invited guests: students and teachers from schools from Nidzica and neighbouring villages, media representatives and parents. We were also […]

We run with Erasmus


We support healthy lifestyles!  On Sunday, May 27th, in the morning more than 20 of our students accepted the challenge and participated in the marathon (5km distance). Among the 6,600 other We Run Vilnius runners, the Silale Darius and Girenas ELS team stood out in yellow t-shirts, with shining energy and a great mood.