2nd ELS Day at ZSO, Nidzica!!!

ELS Day at ZSO, Nidzica!!!
During the event students from Polish ELS team had a chance to present Erasmus+ program and ELS project not only to the rest of our school community but also to the invited guests: students and teachers from schools from Nidzica and neighbouring villages, media representatives and parents. We were also honoured by the presence of the previous mayor of Nidzica, Mr Ryszard Kumelski and the head of local authorities, Mr Marcin Paliński. We spent the day explaining what the project is about, showing some videos and pictures, handing ELS leaflets around. We also presented some souvenirs from ELS mobilities, talked about the partner countries, their culture and traditions. We also encouraged our guests to adopt a healthy lifestyle by giving them healthy snacks: apples, bananas, peaches and pears