ELS project – dissemination and promotion in Italian school.

Recently Italian Erasmus students presented and shared their formative experience in Greece to their mates, talking about an overall significance of the meeting but, above all, the importance of a balanced, healthy diet. This latter, as we know, is one of the main topics of the ELS Erasmus project.
In a second moment, during some lessons of Biology, students were involved in this topic by discussing their food intake, the importance of a healthy food hygiene, the food groups, the Mediterranean diet.
By using the ESA model (Engage, Study, Activate), the students’ interest was captured in order to engage their emotions through a game, the use of pictures, PPT, a video sequence, an amusing anecdote, etc; then, they focused on information (study); in the end, they used their full knowledge in the selected situation or task (activate).
For example, as a task, they had to imagine to be an important chef so as to prepare an healthy menu including Mediterranean recipes, working in pair or in group (cooperative learning).
In the pictures below, some moments of these different phases.
Iris Gelso