Teaching essential life skills: an APP to teach Home Economics

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LTT 24-29.09.2018 Short-term joint staff training event in Italy

Individuals and families are continually faced with new and emergent issues that can impact on their wellbeing. These issues include also family resource management; it’s important to know how much I can spend in a month, to keep trace of incoming and expenses in order to make ends meet.

Moreover, Home Economics education develops students’ essential life skills. It supports the development of students and encourages them to be problem solvers capable of making responsible decisions.

To facilitate the introduction of the resource management a mobile APP can be developed to keep trace of incoming and expenses. In this lesson we will learn how to realize an APP and in particular we will see how to realize a resource management budget. Enjoy

Uda Home Economics

MyBudget Android App

Manage your budget power point slides

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